Honey, I Broke The Internet

Recently I heard a woman in a shop say to her colleague, "the internet is broken again". That's weird, because it was fine when I got home. She must have meant that their connection was down temporarily.

If she'd said Hotmail was broken then I might have been more likely to believe her. I've had tons of bounced messages to friends lately, and they report errors trying to write to me too. This is in addition to the long-standing issue of Yahoo and Hotmail not getting along (or at least it seemed that way when I last dated a Yahoo user). I can only guess someone somewhere hasn't paid their bills. For once, it's not me.

In other news, the Wikipedia project isn't dead but it has been maimed somewhat by one of its co-founders. Despite also being the author of a book on "the wisdom of the crowd" - the notion that a great number of individuals reaching the same conclusion independently will be more accurate than a group of experts working together - Jimmy Wales posted that the lazy journalist's favourite website has some serious quality issues. Now we're supposed to consult it, but not depend upon it. Rats!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yahoo's been acting funny too...makes me wonder if some of my emails haven't been getting out...


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