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Despite meticulous planning, I was late for the first day of my new job. A suicide at a London train station on Sunday caused rail disruption until the following morning and affected my journey. Luckily, the incident was well-reported and no-one at work held my arrival time against me. We're based in a swanky shared office complex, so I stole wireless internet access from a neighbouring business until my ethernet port was ready.

Yesterday, we picked up a Ford Focus Zetec Climate and visited our first retailer. An hour later we returned to the car to find police cordoning off the entire area following a suspicious car-versus-person incident. From the safe side of the blue and white tape, it looked like the Zetec had taken some collateral damage but what we feared were scratches turned out to be nothing more than unfamiliar lines on the bodywork! I get to keep the car for the duration of the project I'm working on, which is three months minimum.

I've got a shed-load of reading and researching to do, but nothing seems too complicated so far. I'll be in the office some days, working from home others and driving still others so please bear with the blog while I adjust to the new routine and pause to admire my car a lot.


Blogger Brad said...


"shed-load" sounds funny


Blogger TheGirard said...

that is a nice car

Blogger thisismarcus said...

$25,000 of nice! I couldn't afford to buy a car like that in my wildest dreams so I'm pretty stoked about this deal.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're stoked about the car. Pretty much anything that begins with "Ford" (except your blog title of course) makes me cringe just slightly, but I'm glad you got some new wheels anyway!

Blogger Joeri Hoste said...

Nice. Represent Dawg! Beats yourol'faithful! What ever happened to that car? It just got scrpped right? No sale?

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Jemima was thinking about buying it but a garage said it would cost more to fix up than I wanted for it. In insurance terms, that's a write-off so we scrapped it. I'm just glad I didn't end up paying to have it taken away!


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