What Marcus Needs

I got this from kitkat who got it from Bearette. Google "[your name] needs".

Marcus needs a governess for his sister Daphne.
Marcus needs a refuge from the sadness at home.
Marcus needs braces.
Marcus needs someone who knows what kind of sneakers he should wear, and who Kurt Cobain is.
Marcus needs a new heart.
Marcus needs more games in the first team.
Marcus needs to continue to impersonate Mike.
Marcus needs a few days off.
Marcus needs to protect his breed.
Marcus needs to be able to pick up a stack of blocks so the pick-up-item should be capable of being bound to a stack of blocks.


Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Neil needs to finish writing a speech or something during the convention.
Neil needs the Flash Plugin to see the site.
Neil needs the three of us like a stag needs a hat rack.
Neil needs a caring and nurturing family that can help him develop self esteem.
Neil needs similar support. My prayers are with him and his family.
Neil needs to pass time.
Neil needs no introduction.
Neil needs to reconcile his past with his present.
Neil needs to grow up.
Neil needs a maid.

That was damn fine. Thank you.

Anonymous Nikki said...

Nikki Needs a Home!
Nikki needs two sets of bibs.
Nikki needs 400 more to win.
Nikki needs a live-in position.
Nikki needs someone who can appreciate her and Bobby can do the job!
Nikki needs a family whom is willing to love her and have her properly trained.
Nikki needs a little sailor suit because she leaves one in every port.
Nikki needs to have more information though.

After a long day at work, I so needed that! Thanks. :)

Blogger Candace said...

Candace needs a firm, consistent hand that will establish the house rules and
enforce them. *ouch* LOL!

Candace needs to ‘come out’ with the truth that homosexuality is
dangerous, and to tell homosexuals that they do not have to live that way,” (I did NOT say that!)

Candace needs to try to sell the house ASAP

Candace needs to get Rich numbers for funding.

Candace needs to take slow, deep breaths with each position.

needs info on National Accounts for in-flight advertising

Candace needs to stay a little more true to friendship while drinking

Candace needs to rehash the situation over and over and
draws a helpless looking mother presiding over a burning kitchen. ...

Candace Needs a home with no kids under 12 and an owner with previous Dog experience

Candace needs her knight in shining armor to come riding in from England. Pronto!

Candace needs her knight in shining armor to come riding in from England. Pronto! (nyuck nyuck I didn't write any of this, I swear!)

Candace needs to be at this induction and cause some trouble

Candace needs to send an email to Anika

Candace needs a music blog

Candace needs rest

Candace needs to be fleshed out so she doesn't appear
so one-note and villanous.

OK, that's entertaining! Thanks!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Candace, we all need that knight in shining armor from England!

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

hmph. No hits for "paranoid mod needs". And obviously it's vitally important I retain my secret identity...

Happy Friday, y'all.

PS "mod needs"... Russian Voice Actor. Don't we all.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

kitkat: I am SO for hire.

Mod: I nearly had a "Don't tell him, Pike!" moment. Your secret is safe with me.

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

Stupid boy.

Anonymous Shig said...

Shig needs a ranged def roll at +1.
Shig needs to get mind control.
Whenever my bro Shig needs me I'm always there for him.
Shig needs to take a backseat and let other developers make new games for Nintendo.
Shig needs to leave others.
Shig needs a stripper for his bachelor party.
Shig needs you to support him.
Shig needs to recruit members from his freinds (sic).

Blogger thisismarcus said...

I always thought Shig was a good name for role-playing. I know what ranged attack is (spears and lasers, etc.) but how can you have ranged defence? Is it defence from ranged attacks? My head hurts.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

A lot of these seem to come from adoption websites, don't they?

Mod: do you think that's the M.O.D. advertising for the Russian voice actor?

A friend who is too shy to post here (let's call him Daisy) got "Daisy needs to get her ass off her million dollar chinese labour car and get it on". Whatever that means!

Anonymous daisy said...

Daisy's not too shy, just too slow! Ya beat me to the punch, Marcus :)

Here are the rest:

Daisy needs to stop trying to get all the attention for herself.
Daisy needs to get the sports section shrunk.
Daisy needs to dance and sing.
Daisy needs some food, says fans.
Daisy needs to do more eating (am I sensing a theme here?).
Daisy needs to be reminded of her hotness.
Daisy needs to get her ass off her million dollar chinese labour car and get it on (so good it demanded repeating!).


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