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I started writing a new article last night (because I promised Candace I would) but when I left the room for a smoke I got distracted by an episode of The Avengers downstairs. Was it good to see Emma Peel in colour? No, it was fabulous to see Emma Peel in colour!

My dad was finishing a glass of white and making noises like he was about to go to bed when I opened the box of red I recently inherited. (It baffles me how they get four bottles into a box that small but I dare say it's got something to do with corners.) Unsurprisingly, bedtime was postponed for the time being. He told me that one of his friends thinks his cat is a mechanic because every time he kicks it, it makes a bolt for the door. I parried with George W. Bush's reaction to hearing three Brazilian soldiers had been killed ("How many is a Brazillion?") and he finished with a ditty about getting pulled over for speeding:

Policeman: "Do you realise that you just drove 60 m.p.h. in a built-up area?"
Punchline: "That's impossible, officer. I only left home ten minutes ago!"

Clearly, it was downhill from there so we drank more wine and channel-hopped instead: the end of Out Of Sight wasn't as good as I remembered; Ronnie O'Sullivan's shirt puckered on The Frank Skinner Show, treating the viewer to his super-hairy belly; and Teddy Sherringham qualified for the semi-finals of the 2005 888.com U.K. Poker Championships. I had the remote and tried to make it look like I didn't know where all the free late night soft porn lives. He talked about going back to Cuba and offered me all sorts of help for when I move out.

We went to bed about 0400, slurring what fun we'd had en route. Good times! For which I hope you'll forgive my stunning non-return to the blogosphere last night. Somehow Dad was up before 0900 today yet I'm blogging from bed.

Emma Peel, one last time. I feel funny when I look at her.


Blogger Candace said...

Aw, I feel all special. :o)

Wow, it took me forever to get the mechanic/machinist joke. But I keep laughing at "how many is a Brazillian?" Hahaha!! That's going to have to be a new number at our house.

I've never seen the Avengers. Thankfully, I've never seen Ronnie O'Sullivan's super-hairy belly, either, so that's an OK trade-off I guess.

Thanks for the laughs! :oD

Blogger thisismarcus said...

I wish everyone would feel honoured when I break promises to them. I have half a dozen posts brewing but I'm just not getting the computer time I used to. There's always tomorrow...

Do you know who Ronnie O'Sullivan is? I try to provide links when it's important but this didn't seem important at all and you seem to have taken it all in your stride - well done. And thank you for your continued patronage of this site!

Blogger Candace said...

Well, it was more the picture that the words "super-hairy-belly" evoked that I decided I didn't need to see. I kinda pictured a Ron Jeremy I guess. So I just now Google image searched him and Damn! I guess I'd take a look at "bad" Ronnie O'Sullivan's belly, but not "good" Ronnie O'Sullivan's, LOL! He has a few different looks going in those pics. Some kinda hot, some really not.

Keep writing, Marcus. You always make me smile. :o)


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