Open Invitation

Life has certainly been full lately. I've got 46 unread e-mails and that was before I sat down at my desk today. (Five are from the same person and date back a month or longer... I'm amazed she still talks to me!) I haven't posted comments on friends' blogs in aeons and I've lost track of what half of them are doing lately.

But my friends know this new-found hecticity is far more smile-inducing than the interminable boredom of Norfolk, VA. They're happy for me but still, I apologize for my slackness. If any of you what don't blog yourselves would like to help fill the gaps here with a "guest post", you'd be welcome. Shig could talk about "the life of the book"; Trundling Grunt could provide a very different perspective to mine on being an alien in America; and Sarah can write whatever she'd be writing on her own blog if she were still writing it. These are but suggestions! If you're interested, please mail me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've found something productive with which to occupy your time.

Sarah really should take you up on this. I miss her blog.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Me too! Do you know what she's doing these days? I got busy and missed the final posts of her blog.

BTW Tone: I'm sorry to exclude you when I picked names out of the air. You should totally write something here too.


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