The Hole Beck Farm Experience

Imagine, if you will: ten thirty-somethings in two secluded cottages in the Lake District with enough food, alcohol and party favours to get them through three New Years. Scared that we'd run out of something and not be able to find civilisation, we made a huge shopping list via e-mail before we went and I came back with more booze than I went with!

My mother had a health scare so I delayed my trip up to be with her. (She's had test results now and she's fine, thank goodness.) When I finally arrived at the farm Tom was cooking already, Nic was setting the table and everyone else was changing for our Casablanca-themed murder mystery dinner. I was American bar owner Kirk Ransom III, a third-rate knock-off of Humphrey Bogart's Rick. I was told my accent was quite convincing but the people who said that were people I hadn't met before and they didn't know what I normally sound like until the following day.

One of our number was a profesional make-up artist which was useful when we realised we hadn't cast an important female role and Adam volunteered to fill in. The ladies of the group looked more stunning than ever thanks to Nathalie's skills, whereas the boys plastered on Brylcreem and we all look like crap in the colour photos. I want to make a witty remark here about Jo's melons but I've got another hangover and I'm having trouble even forming sentences that make sense so I'm just gonna leave it as a classless double entendre. Needless to say, there was much debauchery and when I staggered home (all ten feet) it was already getting light.

2006-01-01 was a write-off. I got up at 1800 and watched I Heart Huckabees. Then we watched Catch Me If You Can. Then we watched The Sky At Night. Nobody moved very far very fast all day. The following day I managed a short walk and got chased by a bull.

I drove back Tuesday night, slept again Wednesday, had a day out in Oxford on Thursday, went back to work Friday then got drunk with my Dad, went pubbing with school-chums last night and tomorrow I drive to York. Somewhere I squeezed in seeing my sister and her family too. It's been an exhausting "break" but so much fun, I think I'm cured. Szczesliwego Nowego Roku, as they say in Gdansk!


Blogger Candace said...

I must say Adam looks very fetching. :) Sounds like a lovely time was had by all. What a great cottage! It was fun being able to show the kids a cottage in real "Swallows and Amazons" country. :) Thanks!

Jo does have some nice-looking melons, though some might call her overendowed. ;o)

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Two were for her boyfriend and two were for me :).

I can mail you a few more pictures of the surrounding roads and countryside if you're into that?

Blogger Candace said...

Ha ha! A melon threesome! I bet Jeff (Coupling Jeff) would have a line for that. Oh wait, I think he does:

". . .and all those melons! Your bed would be like a melon car park. It'd be like being attacked by the giant melon octopus but only this time your mother wouldn't wake you up before the good bit."

Well, except he didn't use the word "melons" LOL!

I would LOVE some pics. That would be awesome! You can send 'em to me at:

milkmaiden at sbcglobal dot net

That should fool the Spambots.

Thanks!! :o)

Anonymous Tone said...

We did a similar thing last new year. Was cool. We bought way too much food too. Found that a kind of constant grazing suited everyone more than actual meals... We didn't stay up quite as late, or sleep quite as long but we probably drank as much! Speaking of which, we all seem to be drinking a lot quite regularly these days! Oops


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