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In February I moved into my studio. A big bare wall needed a centrepiece so I tracked down some prints by the much-imitated Alex Ross on eBay. My finances were recovering after the traditional Christmas splurge so I decided to get some framing done.

Last week the frame shop called to say my job was finally ready. Luckily, I'd paid half as a deposit back when I still had a job and an office to hang one of the pictures in. (By the way, if anyone needs 20th Century Heroes in a an 18" x 28" humidity-resistant off-black frame, I might be able to hook you up.) The big question now is, with yet another move on the horizon for me this summer - my nineteenth in life - do I risk a further bill from the landlord by putting nails in the wall to hang them?


Blogger Count said...

Alex Ross did most of the art work for the new Battle of the Planets comics - great stuff! The guy was obviously a fan of his subject matter!

I know your pain of pic hanging. I had a coupld of pics too big for frames, without getting a loan to pay for it - so I now use plastic hanging strips; cheap and surprisingly effective. Except for my Darth Maul pic, which is about 72in by 108in and refuses to stay on the wall.

Thankfully Hull has a great culture of charity shops with an endless supply of 2nd hand frames v cheap - just a question of patience waiting for them to turn up!

btw - in mediaeval castles carpets were hung on the walls, NOT on the floor - straw was used on the floor.

Blogger Valerie said...

The thumbnail you have in this post is beautiful. His work is unbelievable. I mainly know it from his Astro City covers, but you don't need to see much to know he's a genius!


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