Top Five Beastie Boys Rhymes

1. Three MCs And One D.J. (1998).
We be getting stupid in your area/Causing all kinds of hysteria
My beats are sick like malaria/But don't worry, we'll take care o' ya
2. Get It Together (1994).
Got to do it like this/Like Chachi and Joanie
Because she's the cheese/And I'm the macaroni

3. An Open Letter to NYC (2004).
We're doing fine on the 1 and 9 line/On the L we're doin' swell
4. Ch-Check It Out (2004).
I'm like a scientist/When I'm applying this
5. Funky Boss (1992).
Funky boss/Funky boss/Funky boss/Funky boss
Funky boss/Funky boss/Get off my back!

Click to see a miniature Manhattan Unfurled (Eastside) by Matteo Pericoli (2001), which is the art used for the cover of their last LP. The original sketch is 37 feet long and has a companion piece based on the view from the Westside. Anyone owning 74-foot art gallery should contact the artist.


Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

"I'm the king of Boggle
There is none higher
I get 11 points off the word quagmire"
- Putting Shame in your Game

Blogger DrHeimlich said...

Is #5 actually a "rhyme?" ;-)

Blogger thisismarcus said...

PM: That's a good one. It completely slipped my mind. Arse!

DH: Ha ha. Yeah it is... "funky boss" rhymes with "funky boss"!

Anonymous Shig said...

I like:

"Sometimes I like to brag, sometimes I'm soft spoken/
When I'm in Holland I eat the pannenkoeken"

from Super Disco Breakin', but let's be honest -- what beats the old school Fight for Your Right truth that is:

"Man, living at home is such a drag/
Your mom threw away your best porno mag"?

Blogger TheGirard said...

did "you people" get your Coldplay tix alright?

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Shig: Pannenkoeken? Pancakes?! That's fab too. Oh, I'm gonna have to re-do this article, I can feel it...

Girard: Coldplay are coming? God bless my right to bear arms!

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

If you need any help manning the barricades give me a call. I've been having recurring dreams about taking a flame thrower to Chris Martin for years now...


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