Unnecessary Upgrade

I'm starting to get a little embarrassed about how well my new employers are treating me. Now that I've moved to a permanent contract they want me to switch to a long term car lease. There's a budget bigger than my salary and head office is asking me what I want to drive! The only problem is, I know jack about cars.

I've been perfectly happy with the Focus. It gets me from A to B, has automatic heated everything and moves like a greyhound with dysentery. But the vibe I'm getting is "successful salesmen don't drive Fords".

I need to research company car tax - there's a formula involving cost, size of engine and level of carbon dioxide emissions. Paying as little as possible for this perk is my number one aim but beyond that I'm clueless. I've been handed a blank cheque and I don't know how to spend it. Help!


Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

If you think that people are buying your product cos of what car you drive then you probably aren't a successful salesman!

That said, nothing wrong with driving an e-type jag. If they'll stretch to that...

Blogger thisismarcus said...

I don't want anything flash cos I'll just become a target. "Look at that fella doing a ton in a Ford -- good for him!" will flip to "look at that wanker going 100" and it'll be my car on fire in my street next time :(

As sexy as a Jaguar would be it's got to be practical and economical - a stylish 5-door saloon that runs on diesel would be perfect. Anyone got any suggestions or are you all as crap as me when it comes to modern cars?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know exactly what's available for you, but I drive Toyotas. Is that swanky enough?

Blogger Count said...

Ed should have more gen on this but...

Golf - Seen better days, been over-engineered, not the car it was!
Focus - A good car, became the car the Golf used to be.
Astra - A Vauxhall?? The Astra is the new Focus/Golf and has taken the mantle of great big small car.

An 1800 Focus or Astra will do you good on the motorway and in the town!

btw - What would be most politic? if you went for something really nice like an Audi that could make your position very weak. In 12mths time when the company has to tighten its belts... will you be in the bad corner for pushing the freebie envelope or the good corner for being practical and sensible?

As for maintanence - isn't that up to them if it is a car pool? Vauxhalls are medium reliable but with excellent parts and service availability.

Toyotas, difficult to get parts and expertise, but the most reliable machines ever built! Go Japanese for an economical, comfortable and reliable drive!

Best car I ever drove was a Focus. Few years ago now.

Or you could be brave (and just a little bit stoopid) and go for a Fiat?

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Thanks, mate. I knew I could *count* on you. Har har har!

Anonymous Tone said...


I had a 98 passat. It was lovely. I can thoroughly recommend one of them, they do a nice diesel, and the sports models are even nicer.

We have an Avensis at work, it's awful. My friend had a Fiat, and it broke a lot... If you want something a bit more interesting, how about a Saab or an Alfa?

I like my old BMW, but I wouldn't buy a new one...



Blogger Candace said...

Best car I ever had was a Saturn. But the new ones are different, so. . .

Other than that, I'm crap when it comes to cars. And I live in Motown now (well in the burbs) so I guess that's pretty sad, eh?

You do see a lot of interesting cars here, but I'll be darned if I could tell you what most of them are. The only newish one I really recognise is the Chrysler 300 because of its distinctive big grille thinggy.

What the heck is a saloon, anyway. Here that's an old-time cowboy bar. Is it like a sedan?


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