Detox Month

Some years ago, The Paranoid Mod started the tradition of taking a month off from beer, cigarettes and whatever else was in fashion at the time, to refresh his system. He chose February because it's the shortest.

I think it might be time to revive that tradition... I spent all last weekend (well, the times I didn't have a drink in my hand) nursing self-inflicted wounds to my liver. Thank goodness for Mondays working from home!

I won't pretend I can do 28 days straight. If I didn't drink on dates I'd be grossly misrepresenting myself to my potential future wife, and we can't have that. But I'm going to give my body time to breathe. If I offer to be the "designated driver" twice in a row, don't worry.

What does a liver do, anyway?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I salute you for your endeavors--should you actually committ (comit? how do you spell this damned word?) to it.

I always find it funny that people drink on dates, but it didn't occur to me until your post that if you drink often, then you should by all means not put up any false pretenses by pretending you don't drink and that the sober you is the real you. Was that just one sentence? I'm just chalk full of grammatical errors tonight.

I'm sure sober Marcus is just as charming, if not more so, than intoxicated Marcus.

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

Had vague plans to do that this January. Funny how your best intentions leave you pished in a curry house at 1am...

Sleepy mod.

Blogger Candace said...

What exactly does a self-inflicted liver wound feel like? And how do you know it's not say, your gall bladder? Or your pancreas? Does it hurt every time you drink? ;o)

Have we met intoxicated Marcus? I can't type for stink when I'm smashed, but more power to him if he can. Give it a shot, Marcus! :)

The whole detox thing sounds uplifting, but usually when I forbid myself to do something, that's when I *really* want to do it more than usual. Let us know how it goes. :o)

Anonymous Shig said...

I did a booze-free January a few years ago after a very messy Christmas, which was fine, except that it turned me into a boring drinking companion as I gulped diet coke after diet coke in the pub. I just talked about how great beer was the whole time. Towards the end of the month, friends cajoled me sympathetically with the likes of, "Come on, Gareth, you've done enough. Have a pint...", but I resisted. I slept better but didn't lose any weight.

Two years ago, I declared myself a beer-free zone (save for "special occasions"), and lasted from 1 January to the end of March with only one occasion being special enough. Weight loss was a part of that, but again I didn't seem to lose any. In the end, good bitter seems too beautiful a thing to miss out on on a regular basis, until I am medically advised otherwise.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Based on shig's comment, perhaps the solution is moderation. Allow oneself one night per week to drink and only allow a certain number.

I don't drink much these days. I wonder if I've gotten boring.

Anonymous Shig said...

I'm sure you haven't; I only meant that not drinking made me boring because I couldn't stop talking about how much I wanted a drink!


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