You Can Cook Cucumber!

I admired KitKat's pledge to herself to accomplish something new every week. Unfortunately, a lot of her new things looked like new ongoing commitments - joining a gym or a book group, for example - and I was sure I didn't have the time for all that.

So, to Plan B: one week I tried sweet and sour chicken balls from the Chinese take-away instead of pork balls, and the week after that I had chicken with cashew nuts for the first time. That's my kind of tasty adventurousness but somehow, I can't help feel, it wasn't quite in the original spirit. So I comprimised, bought a cookbook and now I'm trying to cook something new every week.

The Mod and Helen finally came to Bristol last weekend and good fun was had by all. I met them in the middle of a harbour festival that I didn't know was happening and probably would have missed altogether if they hadn't made me leave the house. We scoured the food stalls for delicacies and picnicked in a quiet spot beyond the safety barrier on the waterfront.

People get nervous cooking for Helen because she's a rather talented chef. I wasn't, but I did opt for a dish I'd done before. She made sticky toffee pudding from scratch. Good food was had by all.

Salmon And Cucumber In A Creamy Sauce
1 cucumber
1 small onion
vegetable oil
150ml whipping cream
seed mustard
350g filletted salmon
lemon juice

Slice the cucumber in half longways. Scoop out the seeds and cut into half-rings. Chop the onion. Fry both vegetables in a splash of oil for 2 minutes. Add a couple of tablespoons of flour and stir in.

Add the cream and a few teaspoons of mustard. Dice the salmon and add it raw to the mix. Cook the whole lot on medium heat for 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. Season with lemon juice. Decorate with parsley. Serve with anything you like. (We had white rice.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might notice that my "new things" project is in a slump. I think I deserve a vacation to wallow in my old ways, don't you? Of course, today I'm going berry-picking, and that's new. So much for my time off.

Cooking new stuff absolutely counts, as is trying new foods. For me, trying new and/or exotic foods is a big step.

Maybe you should try blogging every day as one of your new things :)

Blogger thisismarcus said...

My reading about your "new things" project is also in a slump! I'd love to be here every day but the job thing gets in the way and makes me tired. Sporadic but more often is the best I can pledge!

What berries did you get and what will you cook with them?

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

It was delicious. I will always remember it as the time you cooked salmon in stuff, but that's just me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The berry-picking adventure fell through :( Slump, slump, slump! I was considering making a pie, even though I don't like pie. But I've never done it before, so why not? I've heard that home-baked pies are much different than store bought, so maybe I'll like my own.


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