Schoolboy Error

Nine days away from the blog. I guess I had some motivational problems! Going back to work was a drag and now the boss is back too so I have to be visibly pro-active (which so much tougher than simply getting the job done). He's not all bad, though: this morning he called before work to say to stay home because of the bad weather.

My old high school made the national news this week for all the wrong reasons. The local papers said it was the result of an internet spat over a boy the night before. One parent said the same thing happened when he was in school thirty years ago so perhaps the country isn't completely going to the dogs after all. Or it's always been going to the dogs.

I used to want to be a teacher but it wore off around the same time teachers started getting shot. Talk about being under-appreciated at work! I really ought to remedy that one day, seeing as how it would take all of five minutes. Mr Turasiewicz, Ms Roberts, Ms Davies, Mr Lewis, Mr Newman and Mr Fry: when I paid attention, you were all brilliant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all teachers get shot at. Since my students have the option of not coming to school at all, I think they'll shoot their bosses or something before turning the gun on me.

How well are teachers paid in the UK? I'm just wondering if teachers should start getting hazard pay with all the violence now. My husband gets paid more when he's in a combat zone--why shouldn't I?

Blogger thisismarcus said...

That's a fair point. For 2007/08, entry-level secondary school teachers in Britain (outside London) earn approx. GBP 20K, rising with experience to 30K.


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