Teach Yourself Spanish

I'm having fun reading my own site in other languages. Hit the Japanese flag in my sidebar to reveal the words Babel Fish doesn't know. Everything translates to an entirely new character set except the slang and pronouns, which stick out like sore thumbs.

My English vocabulary's quite good and I also have a basic qualification in Latin. Together, these skills have helped me survive in many foreign countries without speaking a word of the local lingo. Context helps, naturally: when you're in Spain and you see a store with "Electrico Domesticos" above the door and washing machines in the window, you don't need to be C-3PO to know what's going on. Anyone capable of reading my sidebar might find the following translations raise a smile, because they did with me:

¡Bing De Bada!
Un Australiano Oblicuamente
Negro Franco
El Doctor Who
Tomates Putrefactos
Espía Del Torrente
Tapa Cinco Todo

Being English, I never took foreign languages seriously at school. Well... when was I ever going to need one?! As soon as I have both the time and the money simultaneously I plan to enroll in Spanish classes. That New Year's resolution from 2003 may yet come true!


Anonymous sarah said...

I'm currently trying to re-teach myself French so I can go into a PhD program. All I remember is how to say "kiss my ass" and I just don't think that's going to cut it.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spanish is, in my opinion, pretty easy to learn, especially since you already know English and Latin. Bueno suerte.

Blogger Samanta said...

If you want to practice Spanish, you should visit spanish sites, like mine ;)
Or, you can post in Spanish, I offer to make corrections, then I can post in English and you can correct me.
For example, you say Buena suerte. Many people have difficulties saying the right gender in Spanish.
La suerte ----> female
Anyway, I'm rambling.
Bye bye

Blogger Samanta said...

El comentario anterior estuvo fuertemente motivado por el sueño. Discúlpenme.


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