A Weekday In The Life

0630 GMT: Wake up.
0640 GMT: Wake up again, and hit the snooze button again.
0650 GMT: Wake up and sit up. Mentally prepare for getting out of bed.
0700 GMT: Move quickly between the heater on the landing, the heater in the kitchen and the kettle. Hover over the steam. Move directly to the bathroom and run the hot water prematurely to heat the bathroom.
0715 GMT: Pack my bag. Forget all kinds of things.
0730 GMT: Get in the car and drive for 75 minutes. That's less than a mile per minute but I use the time to drain my travel mug, listen to the news on Radio 4 and finish the job of waking up for the day.

0900 GMT: At this time today, I was on my hands and knees under my desk.
1800 GMT: There was an accident blocking the M4 between Junctions 11 and 12 last night but, since I travel from 12 to 19, you could say I had the silver lining from that particular grey cloud. The motorway was empty when I got on and I was home in a record 56 minutes.


Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

listening to Radio4 while driving to/from work - you jammy bastard.

Blogger Candace said...


"0900 GMT: At this time today, I was on my hands and knees under my desk."

I have to ask why. Is it a funny reason?? Or maybe you just lost your Electronic Thumb. . .

Oh, Duh! It was to avoid heat flash burns and falling plaster.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Candace: Obviously! It's not a funny reason. I was plugging my computer into a power socket in the floor.

Grunt: It IS good!!



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