I just had the pleasure of watching the extended and recut version of Frank Miller's Sin City, which isn't out in Britain yet. The new scenes don't add much but Bruce Willis' story makes better sense without the rest of the film in its middle.

Disc Two has some innovative features: an audio track of a preview screening, for the atmosphere of a full auditorium in your living room; the option to watch the entire movie in "green screen", i.e. the raw colour footage before any post-production effects were added; and Robert Rodriguez teaches you how to make breakfast tacos in under ten minutes.

Even if you found the ultra-violence repulsive and the characters irredeemable, you have to admit that this movie looks like no other. It's pure comic book. Filmrot has page after page of visual comparisons if, like me, you never read the source material.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice use of "ultra-violence."

I'm still contemplating purchasing Sin City. I can't say I "enjoyed" the film exactly. It really made me quite nauseous. I think the whole black and white thing I mentioned before really grossed me out, especially since it was contrasted with some odd color choices. It certainly does look like no other film, though, which makes me want to have it.


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