Overheard At London Anime Expo

"Just because we pay you doesn't make you a professional!"

"Excuse me... I don't normally make a fuss but my 'parcel of salmon' is over-cooked. The pastry tastes like burned paper."
"It IS paper. You're supposed to unwrap it to get to the salmon."

"My other Dalek is blue and silver."

"Always mix genes if you want beautiful children."

"Why do you think so many females dress up at these shows but so few of them play our games?"
"Because they don't like using their brains!"

"I just saw Simon Pegg in the pub. I told him about the big area in the middle of the hall for Hot Fuzz and he said he thought he'd have a small table in a corner somewhere. He said I'd made him nervous."

I heard more funnies but I said most of them and I do so hate to brag.


Blogger Candace said...


I think the Dalek one is my fave. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea for Simon Pegg! Showwwwn! Okay, now I really hope I have the right guy.


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