Don't Suffer In Silence

Greetings from London Toy Fair! Next week I'm off to Nuremberg for more of the same in a different language. Right now I want to tell you about when I ventured into London proper for a beer with Shig last night.

I was trying to read The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay by Michael Chabon on the train but some young punk decided to play music on his phone. People were bothered but no-one said a word. I was this close to bragging how my phone came with free headphones but I wondered if other men died for less and that's why nobody was speaking up. Apparently this happens all this time in the capital.

That night there was banging in the hotel corridor. I tried the old pillow-on-the-head but it didn't help. A guy had somehow locked himself out of his room in only his underwear and was trying to wake his drunk friend inside rather than go and get a key. I called the receptionist to come upstairs instead. But, in order to hide my own nakedness, I'd poked my head out around the door frame and caught it between a high shelf and the door itself on the way. It ricocheted as I pulled back from each knock and knocked my head again on the opposite surface. If it had happened to someone else and I'd been watching, it would have been funny.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh! Blogger just erased my last comment.

Was the guy in boxers or more revealing undies? This is an important distinction to make in order to understand this man's plight.

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

Kavalier and Clay is a great book.

Anonymous thisismarcus said...

He was in boxers AND a t-shirt. He was being a real puss about it.

I'm enjoying K&C immensely. After you recommended it as a gift for Shig and then he told me how good it was too I thought I ought to try it myself :)

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

I did? Good for me...

Blogger strange [pills] said...

If it had happened to someone else and I'd been watching, it would have been funny.

Hearing about it happening to you was just as funny, trust me! ;)

'ere, I think I'm all caught up now!


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