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No matter how hard I try, when I think of the Nintendo Wii I associate going number ones before I think "we". Look, I'm not trying to be puerile. I didn't name the darned thing. Apparently the lower case 'i's are suppposed to signify two people coming together to play or two Wii remotes side-by-side. It just occurred to me that companies pay good money for such bullcrap concepting. Where do I sign up?

Nintendo is in the middle of a free strap replacement scheme for morans [sic] who let go of their controllers when they shouldn't. There's much hilarity, much of it probably faked, at the Wii Damage blog.

I wonder if we're meant to like Microsoft Hotmail more now that it's called Windows Live Mail and Bill Gates' oft-criticised company name doesn't stare you in the face when you use it? Or was the re-branding designed to extend the use of 'Windows' to an umbrella term that encompasses now e-mail and soon more online activities until one day the word is so synonymous with turning on a computer that we'll say, "I Windowsed today" the way we already say "Hoover" when we mean vacuum clean a room? It's one strategy for Microsoft to gain final dominance of the home computing market.

Another, more bandwagon-esque, method would be the Microsoft Pu: the eighth generation console with the dodgy name...


Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

This whole merging of (mild) exercise and computer gaming is just plain weird. Maybe it's fun. But not as fun as shooting monsters while smoking dope, surely...?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think I've ever used "hoover" as a verb. Likewise, I own a Mac :)

I just don't get the whole video game world. I'll just play my Tekken game on my PS2 and be happy with that. Besides, I'll take a board game over a video any day!

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Kitkat: Hoovering must be a Brit thing, then. Board games ARE fab.

Mod: How about a game where you get points for smoking-related activities? Smoke rings = 10 points, holding it back for a long time multiplies your score, etc. I'd play that!


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