Digital Versatile Disarray

Last week wasn't so much fun. I was burned out from the travelling, the long days, my pal Joeri switching my phone to Turkish for a laugh at every opportunity and the general filth on show at Nurnberg Toy Fair. I couldn't drag myself to the office on Thursday and I got ticked off for it on Friday.

But I'd lined up the laziest weekend ever to set me right again: Alice's smiling face was coming to town for the first time in a small age and she was bringing a feelgood movie that I hadn't seen in years: Sam Raimi's Spider-Man (2001). Like Raimi, I was a Spider-fan as a young boy. My gran bought me The Incredible Hulk comics because I liked Bill Bixby on the telly and, when poor sales forced Bruce Banner to become the back-up act in Peter Parker's comic, my admiration switched too.

Civil War is coming soon to bookshelves and Spider-Man 3 to cinemas. You bet I was looking forward to some webslinging! But when Alice went to borrow the movie from her friend, the disc was not in its case...

Moments like this, you can either admit defeat, get mad or get even. I messaged my neighbours to see if they had a copy we could borrow. I messaged my other Bristol friends in order of proximity to where I live. Tone replied to say he was in France but he'd seen it for four quid at Asda. We drove to Asda and Asda was closed. We drove to Tesco but it wasn't in stock there. We eventually borrowed a pirate copy off a family member and ended our evening's detour at around ten miles.

My Playstation rejected the pirate disc when the Green Goblin showed up. (It must know he's a crap villain.) So finally I bought the damned film even though I own it already (in storage in California.) When we were done we gave it to the nice man who was going to lend us his copy in the first place, to replace the one he'd lost.


Blogger strange [pills] said...

And, of course, Alice called a halt in the middle of the second attempt at viewing so that she (and you) could have a nap. It was all very staggered, really, and I dare say we were lucky to get through that film at all!

And that Goblin is well naff. In fact, 'naff' is the word I just used to describe it on my own blog!


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