Post Yourself Yellow

They're having fun marketing The Simpsons Movie. Select 7-Eleven stores have been kitted out like Kwik-E-Marts and the Burger King promotion lets you "simpsonize" yourself into a cartoon. That's me, innit?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the 5 o'clock shadow. You know, I simpsonized myself, and then I messed it up saving it, so all that energy was wasted. *sigh*

Blogger thisismarcus said...

I believe the phrase you are looking for is "d'oh!". And I wanted to see you yellow. Do it again! You can mail it to yourself and/or Print Screen to be safe.

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

It's better than the current avatar as you look less smeggy.

Blogger Arthur Dent said...

I'm not really sure if that looks like you or not... I can't recall if I've ever seen a picture of you. Sorry.

I do know that the new avatar I made for myself at simpsonsmovie.com is pretty dang close.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Just saw your avatar and while I don't know what you look like much either, it certainly looks like a Simpsons version of your last avatar! How weird that they have the same feature on two sites...

Blogger Arthur Dent said...

It's really quite customizable at the movie site... I even ran a contest a couple posts ago, though it is HEAVILLY weighted in favour of anyone who lives in the same small corner of the universe as I.


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