Actual Housekeeping

Cleaning's never been one of my favourite pastimes so I was relieved to hear I'm gonna be billed for professional cleaners anyway - meaning I don't have to polish everything before I vacate.

I didn't pack much yet but today I've trashed around eight bin liners' worth of stuff I don't need any more. I'm keeping the sentimental stuff, natch, but half a dozen boxes of supposedly useful stuff that I brought to the U.S. has remained packed for the last 15 months begging the question, "how much of it do I really need?" And since I'm the one paying to get my stuff back (the company paid to bring it over), literally everything but my music collection is getting re-evaluated. I'm enjoying the symbolism of throwing away the past to make a new start too!

Erika had the bright idea today to sell the small items I'm leaving behind to donate to a hurricane relief fund. Bless her cottons. (Socks, people. Socks!)

KitKat was right with her comment. I finally replaced the light bulb and then my In-Sink-Erator (the garbage disposal) went "Glrrlrrlrrlrrrkukukukhh!", followed by a low hum for two seconds, followed by silence.


Anonymous sarah said...

"Bless her cottons." Ha! I've picked up two slang phrases today from reading your and Erika's blogs (and Erika's wondering why this weird Sarah girl keeps popping up in her comments). I wish I'd thrown more stuff away before I moved--I've been here for two weeks and I still ahve a pile of boxes and papers in the middle of my bedroom.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

The phrase is "bless [whoever's] cotton socks" and I figured it was common enough I could take a shortcut. Apparently not! Lemme guess: Erika's phrase was "stop ear fucking me"?

In other news, the 9th spam I received today broke the proverbial camel's back. I have to switch word verification on now.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking my advice, albeit a bit late :) I say trash/donate whatever you can. Moving and packing for a trip--you always end up taking more than you really need. I'm all about getting rid of stuff. I hate clutter and useless things. But that's just me. Good luck with the move!


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