Eagle Eye Has Landed!

The whole journey took about a day including to and from the airports (overlooking the five hours time difference) by the time I reached my new temporary home of Bristol, U.K. I still have a tall tale or two to tell about my last days in the States and the characters I met en route but this here thing is my first impressions of being back.

No matter how prepared you are, quitting one life and starting another from scratch alone in unfamiliar territory is no piece of cake. So it's great to be back once more in the house where I grew up - a house requiring zero introduction and zero set-up. I took the National Express (like a Greyhound but less seedy, my American friends) from Heathrow and the view was full of reassuring images: green fields alongside the M32 with grazing cows, the monument on the hill where we partied all night aged seventeen, the city skyline with its historical buildings and balloon rides in summer... I vowed for the hundredth time to never again live anywhere as small or disconnected as Norfolk.

I can't believe my dad and I are getting along so well. When I was a teenager and he was a frustrated 50-something in an unhappy marriage and a body that was beginning to fail him, we once argued and didn't speak for six months... I guess we've both been through a lot and grown up since then. I find his presence comforting. He told me his father gave him his first cigarette when he was fifteen (though he smoked already), asked me if I wouldn't mind only smoking outside (he doesn't anymore), bought me traditional fish and chips for my homecoming meal (a bit greasy for my taste but inarguably appropriate) and downed half a bottle of Seagrams's with me last night as we watched his new favourite film, Troy. (You know you're dog tired when the caption "Port Of Sparta - Greece" reads "Sorta Part Of Greece".)

I haven't sweated profusely in at least 24 hours, my hair is straight and manageable again and I even felt the house was getting cold last night. Yay, yay, yay! And hey, don't English people talk funny?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're right where you need to be. I'm so jealous of your straight hair and cold house--one day I might be able to enjoy those things too. I may also enjoy the ease of having a parent who has stopped speaking to me start up again--still waiting on that. I am so excited for you as you begin this part of your life. Good luck with everything.

Anonymous sarah said...

How many days are you going to sleep, now?:) Between the drinking and the flying, I think I'd need about two days. Glad to know the trip home is turning out well.

Anonymous Shig said...

Er, don't mean to be pessimistic, but you've only been here 24 hours -- give yourself time for you and your dad to have something to argue about! Good to know you're back.

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Can you have a pint of Directors for me....

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Shig: LOL. Honestly, it's very different to living here as a teenager. If things do break down, this is temporary and that light at the end of the tunnel should keep me diplomatic! And I'll owe you a smack for jinxing it :) See you soon.

Grunt: 'Twould be my pleasure!

Anonymous Shig said...

If it's temporary and you're on the road a fair bit working, you'll probably be okay. I just remember the year I spent at home after my BA, getting cross with myself for acting like a surly teenager. Parents are crazy. Who'd have 'em?

Blogger Major Rakal said...

"No matter how prepared you are, quitting one life and starting another from scratch alone in unfamiliar territory is no piece of cake."

Oh, yeah. Been there. Done that.

I'm sorry things didn't work out for you as planned on this side of the pond. Hell, things didn't work out as any of us planned, did it? Wishing you the best in your next new life. I'm looking forward to reading all about it in your blog. :-)

(There's just one thing in your post I can't get my head around -- your assessment of Norfolk as "small." Where I come from it's a good-sized city. Which means, I guess, that you wouldn't care too much for the place where I come from.)

Blogger Joeri Hoste said...

glad to have you back bro. more than welcom in The Dam and it won't be long before I'm over in ol' blighty!

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Kat: We may never have met but I'm easy so you're always welcome to visit.

Sarah: Saturday I took a disco nap and then slept as normal. Today I'm a bit grouchy though, which means...

Shig: ...we had our first crossed word today, on the sensitive subject of immigration. I have to remember he's of a different generation and hardly influential, or I might talk myself out of this boffo rent free situation. The ironies kill me though: he was making chicken curry at the time and seems oblivious to the fact that I've been an immigrant for the last 16 months. Ho hum. You should have bet me money!

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Major: the population stats flatly contradict the impression I got living there so I guess I need to find some better terminology. All I know is the downtown nightlife was 2-3 streets totalling maybe 20 bars max, which is the same as my university town, ye olde Canterbury.

Joeri: See you in a month, colleague!


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