Friends In High Places

I've caught up with so many old friends in the last two weeks, it's wonderful. I've given directions to strangers twice and I've bumped into two people I used to know purely by chance. Needless to say, such things were impossible when I lived in Virginia and they help me feel like I'm back where I belong.

Racheal (sic) lives in Waterloo. We drank and ate and caught up on four years of gossip about people we went to university with. I was stunned to see this over Borough High Street, just south of London Bridge. Maybe we'll get our own Surveillance Camera Players soon?

Gareth lives in Blackheath. There's a church on the heath and, using that landmark, I once pinpointed where he lives from a plane as it circled before landing at Heathrow. There's a microbrewery three doors down and another a mile away in Greenwich - where the Mean Time comes from. Walking from one to the other on Tuesday, we paused next to Greenwich Observatory and I fished my camera out of my ever-present male purse. I made this! (Warning: it's a 2.5MB image, and that's after reducing the size and quality by 30%. iHud was the only free site willing to host it so you'll have to click a second link on their page to see my behemoth.)


Blogger Major Rakal said...

Wow! Love the panorama! That's really cool. Is it 360 degrees?

I did a panorama once of the Cornell University campus from the roof of the 11-story building where I worked at the time, but it wasn't nearly as nice. (Severe keystoning due to not being able to take all the shots from a fixed point.)

Now you've inspired me to try again. :-)


Blogger thisismarcus said...

It's not 360 degress -- it's 90 at the most. The observatory is to my left and there's a big park behind me. If anyone's interested in having any landmarks identified, just say and I'll see what I can dig up. (Or have a go yourselves, but no points for the Millennium Dome.)

What exactly is keystoning? My problem seems to be that my left leg is shorter than my right so the panorama rises more than it should the further east it goes!

Blogger Tom said...

Is the Millennium Dome the thing all the way on the right? Or is that some sort of stadium?


Blogger thisismarcus said...

The big white thing with yellow props? That's the Dome. If you saw the opening boat chase in The World Is Not Enough, the bad girl comes around the river from the left. Bond takes a shortcut through the residential area (the apartments you can see in the 2nd and 3rd "frames" of my panorama) and he ends up on the roof of the Dome.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

I should probably say that this is considered East London. You can just see St. Paul's Cathedral behind the crane in the first frame. One day I'll do a panoramic from Primrose Hill in the north and there'll be more famous landmarks.

Anonymous sarah said...

Very cool! I want to go back to London.:(


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