Top Five Nuts

5. Peanut
4. Brazil nut
3. Pine nut
2. Water chestnut
1. Cashew nut

What else can be said about the single-seeded dry fruit of certain flowering plants? Nut allergy is very common and may be a result of nut content in baby foods. In infancy we're not developed enough to digest all the components fully and the body reacts adversely. They yum though.


Anonymous The evil one said...

Left and Right are important too.

Blogger Brad said...

Oh, someone beat me to it. i was so going to make the left nut joke here.

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

What about pistachio nuts? Water chestnuts my arse...

Blogger Marilyndrew said...

I fixed it so my blog link shows up on my profile.

I am so internet savy. (haha)

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

What happened to coconut (crucial ingredient in Bounty Bars and Thai cooking) or hazelnuts (Topics and one of the really good Quality Street)? I'd toss out Brazil nuts and probably the water chestnuts to make room for them.

Anonymous tone said...

Surely pine nuts are only good for pesto, and even then they sometimes get left out? I'm gonna talk up hazel nuts too... They're good, they have a distinctive taste, which is quite unusual... And walnuts. Walnuts deserve a mention at least, they're far more useful the water chestnuts...

Mmmm, Thai


Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Toasted pine nuts are damn fine in so many things that they're an indispensible ingredient in our household.

Walnuts? Hmm...

Anonymous tone said...

Just to throw in a grenade and run, I've heard avacados are nuts... and they're good!

T ;-)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that walnuts should have been represented here. Water chestnuts? Ugh! Now I know who's keeping the water chestnut industry in business!

Did someone already suggest almonds?

Anonymous Shig said...

Water chestnut seems as odd an entry as Colin Baker does! Pecan? Walnut?


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