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London: When working a Saturday isn't a waste.

Have your photo taken with the first family of animation.
I want an X-box.
Breaking news from Space Channel 5.
Say hello to Rosie from London.
These aren't the nerds we're looking for.
Wig out!

I got lost north of the Thames looking for the South Circular. The signs suggested that it and the Woolwich ferry were two different routes when they are, in fact, one and the same. To an out-of-towner armed with only his wits and a map, it wasn't obvious at all.

Brighton: The Paranoid Mod (and Mrs. Mod) showered me with hospitality: coffee, ghoulash, shampoo and improved sleeping arrangements. The Rose Hill is still a fine pub. I didn't want to like Basquiat's new fella but he made it impossible not to.

She and I made a lousy Trivial Pursuit team on Sunday. It was four wedges vs. one when we conceded in a huff at the outdated questions. Much has changed since the Mod got his original copy of the game twenty years ago - not least what passes for acceptable grammar in a board game. We corrected it in biro. Back at Mod Towers, three of us played Rizla Head: with no conferring, we all chose female singers. In round two, again by chance, we were all historical figures... and two of us were Joan of Arc!


Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

Isn't ghoulash what goths eat?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even though my brain seems filled with trivia, I'm not very good at Trivial Pursuit. I am, however, pretty good at most board games--Pictionary, Taboo, etc.


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