We'll Always Have Paris

So, the Hilton sister I love to hate actually went to jail. Then she got out and then she went back in again. She's doing the Hokey Cokey! So mature. Can we call her Paris Days Inn yet?

In case anybody is in any doubt why I don't want my as-yet-not-even-conceived daughter growing up with people for role models who had Paris Hilton for their role model, this page from the same site goes some way to summing the lady's talents up. Probably further than you want it to. (The linked page has blurred-out nudity and rude words, so it's safe for most offices. I'm not responsible for what you click from there.)

Update 2007-06-15: Stan Lee is producing an animated series for Paris to star in. Somebody please make a joke about her acting like a cartoon character all her life anyway. Thanks.


Anonymous alice said...

Oh my. Not only did I waste five minutes of my life reading about her, but I've made myself nauseous be doing so. There's one inaccuracy [at least]: she actually said, 'I fvck in the butt for coke'. But what does it matter, huh? (You may recall us watching that on Youtube in a state of disbelief.)

I'm starting to think she's got fairly heavy mental health problems. But maybe I'm just looking for excuses because I don't want to believe that anyone can be that vile.

P.S. I really hate the word verification on Blogger. I don't think I've ever got it right the first time. :(

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

You can't have mental health problems when you're rich, you're just eccentric. But whatever.

You know I'd know nothing about all this prison stuff if it wasn't for you. So thanks. Thanks a lot...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still stand by my suggestion that she should have done community service, thereby avoiding this whole hokey pokey (cokey?) thing.

She definitely has emotional issues--it's called "being filthy stinking rich without doing anything to earn it." It's a terrible disease.

Anonymous alice said...

You're absolutely right, Kitkat. I was just trying to find some reason for her being so gawdawfully horrible. You've probably bit the nail on the head there, though. :)


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