It's Duck And Rabbit Season

I love me a good barbecue, especially when the meat isn't shaped like an animal. (Fish I can handle.) Yesterday, Tone did the honours. Phil brought a cooler for the beer to save us walking to the fridge and back which was my kind of decadence. Chris brought a chocolate fountain - like a fondue with added drippiosity - which was Alice's kind of decadence.

I wore trainers and a brown shirt but you could tell it was summer because I had sunglasses on. I don't really do summer clothing on account of our short summers. I did look an underprepared British fool in Miami that one time, and also those three times I played lunchtime soccer in the park in Norfolk wearing all black. But I coped with the Downend sun by taking off my socks and rolling up my jeans. Underpreparedness 1, Adaptablity 2!

You could tell it was summer by the Bristol Balloon Festival too. We didn't go but they were in the sky so difficult to miss.

Saturday was my revenge on Alice for taking me to a garden party full of her lovely friends earlier in the summer. The host told me his life story and asked me to choose a Bowie album to play so I was good. We went for a walk and ended up in the only park in Clevedon I'd ever been in before, approximately twenty years ago. (Maybe there's only one park?) The day was rounded off watching a travel video from North Korea: the background music, added by the tour company, was overtly militaristic and a camp German tourist with bleached blonde hair and Noel Edmonds' hand-me-down jumpers wouldn't stop winking at the camera.

The film ended with the spectacular Arirang Mass Games in which 100,000 brainwashed citizens prance around for their glorious leader's entertainment. Pretty though. Almost worth it.


Anonymous alice said...

Saturday was my revenge on Alice for taking me to a garden party full of her lovely friends earlier in the summer.


Almost worth it.

You had a lovely time at Richard's, do you hear me???!!! Shut-up! ;)

Aidan was doing a lot of winking at the camera, too, if I recall. But he's not a fat gay German. The video was so disturbing!

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Oh, dearie... I was talking about the plight of the North Koreans, not lil ol' me!

Anonymous alice said...

AH! I see! hahahah! (Well, of course I was only joking anyway, innit.)

Re. the games: they made the thought of N Korea worse for me watching them doing all of that. It was very strange, wasn't it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's nice not feeling the need to have an entire summer wardrobe anymore or multiple bathing suits. I have a couple pairs of shorts, some sandals, and that's it. Tee shirts are all-year, so I'm set. I think the hottest of our summer weather has passed (knock on wood, or touch wood--either is dirty).

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

Say what you like about the North Koreans, but you have to admire their palate. No wishy-washy blends of colours for them, oh no, just bold patriotic hues. Truly insane, but it's probably better to spend all your free time rehearsing for one of those than watching "the top 100 brilliant things about the dear leader" on the telly. Every night.


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