Top Five Smells

5. Coffee
Would rank higher if it weren't so ubiqitous. Familiarity breeds contempt!
4. Marijuana
Stan Lee would have called Mary Jane something else... but he got high.

3. Freshly-baked bread
Norfolk is home to the Mary Jane Bread Co.
2. The unperfumed skin of a significant other
Between "I've just had a shower" and "I really need a shower".
1. Tomatoes on the vine
My grandad grew tomatoes in his greenhouse. A doubleplusgood smell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It cracks me up how much smelly stuff we women like to put all over ourselves when most men, like you, prefer the clean, but natural, scent of women.

For me, freshly baked bread takes the cake (heh) any day!

Anonymous eve said...

mmmm....smoking and coffee :)

Blogger Candace said...

For a long time I had an aversion to the smell of fresh-baked bread. Now I like it again. Especially if it's real bread in my house, not factory bread. :oP

#2 - especially the in between part.

#4 - really? Eck.

Hot cat (no, feline, not pussy) when the cat has been sitting in the sun. Contrasts strongly with hot dog (as in canine, not tube steak - um, well, one of those is OK) smell!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about hot cat!

I'm a sucker for the smell of new plastic/rubbery stuff (pool floaties, etc.) and new shoes.

Blogger Candace said...

LOL! So I'm not totally insane then! :o)

Oh yeah - new smell! And grilling smell. At our house. If it's from the neighbours, it's jus maddening, LOL! And old books.

Blogger Hilary said...

I love the smell of lilacs and wisteria. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Talking of cats reminds me of the friendly one which hasn't come for a cuddle for a bit :( although it did scratch me on Monday!)

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

The smell when the brewery down the hill is malting. Much nicer than the eventual beer...

Blogger Brad said...

•Fresh Strawberries [or raspberries]
•Root Beer
•Brown Sugar
•and of course coffee - who doesn't like the smell of coffee. I think eve people who don't like the taste of coffee like the smell of that wonderful wonderful brew.

Anonymous Tone said...

Many food smells are good... I ride past a coffee roasting company every morning, where a cloud of coffee smoke drifts across the motorway... mmm. Bread good too... and cooking meat. Like bacon... and frying onions... D'oh, hungry. 4 smells better than it tastes the next day. Tomato plants smell wierd.


Anonymous daisy said...

I'm totally down with #3...I live a block away from a bread factory, and Mondays are cinnamon bread day. Makes you want buttery french toast.


Actually, I'm down with all of them--except for #1. Like the sentiment; not so into tomatoes. I don't trust those blobs.

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Number 1: herself. She smells of girl.

Number 2: tea. Has to be that - coffee just doesn't cut it.

Number 3: lemon. There has to be a fruit smell in here somewhere and it's hard to pin down one in particular, but lemons just edge out strawberries and pineapple.

Number 4: baking bread. I bake and the smell is truly irresistible.

Number 5, tie 1: the sea. Constantly restless and ever changing but that tangy smell makes me so sad. I'm too far away from it.

Number 5, tie 2: the smell of the garden after rain. That musty smell of fruitfulness.

Blogger Marilyndrew said...

1) Old books
2) After-the-rain smell
3) The smell of a man wearing Old Spice deoderant

I'm out of smells at three!!


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