The Top Five Doctors

As if evangelizing the same show week-in week-out wasn't pitiful enough, now I've made a list.

5. Patrick
4. David
3. Colin
2. Paul
1. Tom

It's close at the top. Everybody loves Tom and with good reason. Paul's like a young Tom but he got short shrift on television so you may be surprised to see me rate him so highly. Colin's like a middle-aged Bill. Bill's not here. David's like Peter crossed with Patrick if Patrick had no Bill in him. Patrick was the biggest surprise when he followed Bill. Is anybody still with me?

Two of the entire ten I don't enjoy watching very much: Jon and Macbeth, i.e. the Scottish one whose name shall not be spoken. Though I liked them both when I met them. I interviewed Jon when I was fifteen and I bought a used ferret from... never mind.


Anonymous tone said...

Ah, is good to think of the old days... I never like Jon much either, not really as anything he did.

Bro met Sylvester, said he didn't release his grip on the red wine bottle all night, but was really nice bloke I'm told :o)


Blogger Brad said...

took me a sec to realize you were talking about The Doctor.

I thought you were telling us about your health care providers for a bit ;)

Blogger Candace said...

A used ferret?

My faves are David (aka Tristan) and Tom. Well, Colin annoyed me at first, but I like him a lot, too. Sylvester was OK, IMO but he didn't have a lot of time to grow on me as I recall. I will always think of Patrick as the 4th Stooge for some reason. Bill - eh.

Perhaps more importantly, who's your favourite companion? Your least fave? My least fave would have to be screamy Melony/Melonie )(?) the orange-haired, stripey pantsed (trousered?) carrot-juice freak.

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Ok, that's fighting talk....my order

1) Tom - absolutely, no doubt
2) Chris - don't know why he didn't make your list.
3) Bill - when I watch him again I cringe somewhat as he seems to spend large amounts of time running around screaming in B&W, but without Bill there would be no list.
4) Pat - added the odd twist that others built on
5) Maybe Jon.

Non-combatant - David as they haven't got to him yet round here.

Blogger Candace said...

D'oh!! I meant Peter, not David. :-P Haven't seen David yet.

Blogger Hilary said...

I can't really comment on this. Although, like kosmo, i thought you were talking about some kind of series called doctor... oops

I have watched some with Colin recently (don't you love UKTV Gold?) and wasn't very impressed. I'm sure I saw some with Tom Baker as I remember someone in my family knitted an extremely long scarf. We must have watched some way back when because my sister used to get terrible nightmares from them!

Anonymous tone said...

Companions... Mel was f*cking annoying, the screaming and constant weediness... Yikes

Think my fave girl was Ace, she was on at the right time. Aussie girl was nice too... name... bad memory! Missed all the eps with the bikini clad native in... Was nice to see Sarah Jane on the weekend :o)

Of the blokes, I think Aldric (??) was cool, and the tall thin bloke who came after wasn't bad either


ps, yay, I got first comment on such a hot topic!!

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Candace - Peter????? You must be kidding - he just looked confused all the time. I was wondering how you up there were seeing David, while we down here weren't.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Kosmo: Yes, it was a cheap trick to trick non-fans into reading. :)

Candace: Yes, ferrets! His resume pre-Who consists of mainly putting live animals down his trousers and forks up his nose on stage.

Tone: Companions is a whole other post! I did the female ones already BTW. Of the men probably Jamie, Turlough, Harry, Ian and Captain Jack.

Hils: Colin is just horrible to watch on TV though I find his bad-tempered take more interesting as a slice of history. He's since recorded twice as much material on audio (Google "Big Finish") and is 2000% more warm and likeable. It helps that you can't see his costume on the radio :)

Grunt: You should download the new stuff with TorrentSpy (linked left). Chris didn't make my list because I'm sick of his stupid gurning face in constant re-runs on UKTV Gold. His stories range from excellent to completely juvenile. Though he gets serious props for reinventing the role just as Bill invented it.

As always, these lists are completely subjective and can change on a whim. I hope to see David place much higher by the time he's done.

Longest. Comment. Ever. Longer than the original post!

Blogger Candace said...

TG - I already loved Peter from All Creatures Great and Small. :-)

Marcus, did you really buy one? That's just. . . bizarre!

Anonymous Shig said...

Philistine, Marcus: I'm a Pertwee fan first and a Hartnell fan second. And Eccleston is much better than Tennant as far as I'm concerned. Colin Baker's surprisingly high on that list, too.

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

candace: his whole acting persona is based on looking confused and vulnerable. Just doesn't cut it for me, least of all when he has his hand stuck up a cow.

shig: I'm looking forward to seeing Tennant over here. I enogoy Eccleston although one character in the last episode (the wartime one) was too like Lord Flashheart for my taste.

Blogger The1GWiz said...

It's time's like these when I wish I were a Brit; very few Americans can idetify Doctors on a first-name basis. Either that or my crowd isn't nerdy enough.

Just watched the Madame Du Pompadour episode, and I now officially have a skyscraper-sized crush on Sophia Myles. More of her in my life, please.


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