Identity Crisis

I remember watching Channel 4's first moments of transmission in (if memory serves) 1982... that music, and the logo forming out of those multi-coloured pieces. A quarter of a century later, the channel has a series of more sophisticated idents.

I love the ones with a moving camera where you don't see anything coherent until the scene aligns in just the right way (the one set in Tokyo is a good example of this). If you're seeing these for the first time then look for the big "4"!


Blogger Brad said...

You have Earl on 4!!

Those were cool. I can see why folks like the tokyo one but I liked the band "harmonizing" and the pigeon one made me laugh.

I will never see things like this on US tele - the branding just isn't "in-your-face" enough ... which is sad.

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

I love the pylons one. But then, I have a bit of thing for pylons. And industrial architecture in general. Sad but true.

Branding isn't in your face enough? You invented it!! It takes about 30 seconds for US tv to fry my synapses...

Blogger Joeri Hoste said...

love those indeed. also a big fan of the BBC 2 clips. The beeb 3 and 4 spots aren't cutting the mustard tho.


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