I was watching a late movie last night when I heard a near-distant bang. The second one got me out of my chair and investigating. At the front of the house I noticed how light it was outside for midnight...

Luckily, this is not our car. I called 999 and many neighbours came out en masse and talked to each another for the first time since the Silver Jubilee street parties of 1977. Owners of nearby vehicles ran around in their nightgowns. One said his rear lights had melted! The funniest part was when a man on a bicycle rode his usual quiet late night route home and found himself passing through a scene from Ladder 49.

"Arson about" seems to be the thing to do in Bristol lately. Less than 24 hours previously a warehouse belonging to Aardman Animations went up in flames, destroying most of its thirty-year archive.

Update 0945 BST: W.P.C. Hotness just rang my bell (which isn't a euphemism, unfortunately) looking for witnesses. She said someone was in custody already but it's not easy to get forensic evidence after a fire.


Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

What is it about the UK that seems to spawn (petty) vandalism? So does WPC Hotness have any friends?

Blogger thisismarcus said...

I have no idea. But it IS mostly petty, you're right. I feel safest here but that could just be a case of "better the devil you know".

The police officer probably has many friends but the way I looked when I answered the door yesterday morning, I'm sure she won't be introducing them to me :)

Blogger Aussie-Askew said...

I loved the intelligence of Nicl Parks comments when they asked him how it felt to have all the years of Aardman creations go up in smoke. “Even though it is a precious and nostalgic collection and valuable to the company, in light of other tragedies, today isn’t a big deal.”

A rare moment of perspective in an industry renowned for 21 year olds going on abot how difficult their latest break up ws.


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