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A few of my recent impulse purchases have backfired on me and I was THIS close to eBaying them for a fraction of their cost when I bothered to read the back of a receipt:

We will happily exchange goods for another item or gift vouchers within 28 days of purchase provided they are in a saleable condition and accompanied by an adequate proof of purchase. We will not exchange multiple goods or previously exchanged goods. Your statutory rights are not affected.

The words "faulty", "damaged" and "unopened" are conspicuously absent.

Virgin Megastore asked if there was anything wrong with the DVD I was returning and I 'fessed up that it just wasn't what I thought it was going to be - I thought it would be good and it was shit. The sales assistant didn't bat an eyelid. In fact, I swapped my initial purchase for two movies because a sale had started in the intervening week and they only care about matching price for price! Nice.

I assume these changes are a move by high street retailers to compete with amazon.com's generous terms. Whatever, it's a rare big-up from me for British customer service!


Blogger Joeri Hoste said...

You actually bought Supervixens? Poor lad? You need my help now more than ever....

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Too true. Send Dutch hooker help now!

The first hour of Supervixens is actually pretty funny if you're into boobies and Americana. But then it gets surreal and the last hour should only be 30 minutes. I'll play it in the background at a party sometime to justify the purchase.


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