A Familiar Dilemma

Roughly one weekend in three I'll dash off to see friends who are (regrettably) spread out all over the country - nay, the world. The other two weekends I'll take it easy, do laundry and paperwork, read, surf, generally recharge my mental and physical batteries and end up in a pub or club with Bristol friends on the Saturday night.

It feels like every time my local friends have an event, i.e. more than just beers or a barbecue, it clashes with my plans to leave town. I didn't go camping with them because I'd already been invited to a party in Brighton by The Paranoid Mod and his entourage, and I could swing by East London to celebrate Shig's 30th birthday on my way home. I didn't go on a married man's "Gold Pass Weekend" trip to Amsterdam because a lady I'd been chasing for a while consented to go on a date with me the same day. Now I've been invited to Joeri's birthday party, by coincidence also in Amsterdam, on 2006-08-05. To-ne has been planning a cinema night with a big screen and amplifier in his Bristol back garden for months and only last week did he find a date that all his friends and family could make: 2006-08-05.

I haven't seen Joeri in six months, since he gave me the best Christmas ever. He was instrumental in getting me the hell out of America and back on my feet with regular career-type work. He's hilarious, a soul mate of sorts and I miss him. I've known To-ne since we were in school together and I don't want him or my other Bristol friends thinking that I only spend time with them when I've nothing better to do.

I can't believe I have another double-booking! Setting aside for a moment the annoyance that I'd be having more fun if I could go to more than half the things to which I'm invited, what on earth am I supposed to do?


Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

I have an entourage? Cool...

Blogger Brad said...

What a rough life you lead. ;)

Which one is a cheaper visit? hmmm, that sounds bad to choose that way, nevermind.

Tough choice, buddy.

Blogger Hilary said...

I wouldn't worry. My mother's giving me gip cos apparently I'm supposed to be helping out at the local (to her) fair this weekend and I want to come back from London to bristol and go to Matt and Sams.... I'm going with the fun option. Not with the running-around-in-a-field-with-a-load-of-old-fogies option.

Anonymous Amanda said...

I object, i am not part of the paranoid mod's entourage and anyway i invited you not him! Or are you only alowed to exist on these pages if you have a blog?

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

Shut up, woman, you's in my entourage now...

(in the style of Chef from South Park, lest any proper offence be taken).

You just can't get the staff, eh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe you should make all of your friends get to know each other and become friends, so that they'll stop double-booking because they too will want to go to the same things you do.

Or, don't go to any of these events out of protest :)

Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

We do know each other. And we do it deliberately. hehe.

Blogger thisismarcus said...

Amanda: you're his girlfriend's sister! That's entourage material where I come from.

Mod: Sorry for outing you as a straight man on these pages.

Kat: If only that were possible! Do you wanna come to Bristol?

Conclusion: If there's a chance of getting into my apartment that weekend I won't be leaving town. That will be the deciding factor.


Blogger The Paranoid Mod said...

S'ok. The whole "everyone in Brighton is a fruiter" schtick was getting a tad tired...

Anonymous tone said...


We can only bbq/cinema if the weather says yay, and given that it's currently bucketing down, I won't be offended if you go for a w/e in brighton. But would be fun to have you visit too... Is up to you

Let me know when you're in the flat and I'll try to pop in on the way home one night...


Anonymous tone said...

ps, I'm nearly always triple booked or bored! You can never please everyone, and we won't take offence!

Blogger Joeri Hoste said...

it's ok bro! the sappy, mushy comments got to me and it's all forgiven :-) looks like many others will be busy too (DAMN THEM!!) and it might turn into an intimate (ooh!) night out with the missus. Won't be too long before I'm back in ol' Blighty either so we'll hook up soon enough!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you weren't kidding about being booked up these days....

Another familiar dilemma--getting Marcus to post more than once a month!

Blogger thisismarcus said...

There's loads going on here but I don't want to spoil future blog posts... Suffice to say I'll be stable and back online again in another ten days. Keep the faith!


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