The Thursday Thirteen

I’ve never been to California but my music collection has.
I hate when my friends and I don’t see eye to eye.
I’ve taken non-ownership of an iron about as far as it will go.

Alice came to stay last Thursday.
Joeri came to stay on Saturday. There was over-lap.
Shig came to stay on Tuesday!
It might be time to stop reading The Amazing Spider-Man.
No internet at home is getting me down.
I complained to my landlord about it and got a £50 rebate.
The unluckiest tenant in my building discovered he had a leaky roof when it rained last week. This week, the men repairing the roof dropped a rock through the windscreen of his B.M.W.
Kit Kats now come in orange and mint chocolate varieties!
I watch television on a 100-inch screen.
I have no idea what brand my trainers are (and I’m wearing them today).


Tomorrow’s Post Today

Dear [Sort-Of Marketing Manager]

When we were speaking on the phone yesterday, towards the end, I didn’t really understand what you were saying. (Not when we you were answering me about the posters but your last four or five sentences after that.) The connection wasn’t the best so I missed some words at the beginning and I was trying to remember to do something else at the time. I really tried to catch up but I couldn’t!

I literally have no idea what you were talking about and you could probably tell. Was it anything I ought to know?

This might be the stupidest e-mail I’ve ever written.