First Week At Philo's

I'm house-sitting for a friend while he has two back-to-back holidays [vacations]. He won't stop trying to thank me for taking care of his cats but I needed a roof over my head anyway so it's not a one-sided favour.

The first weekend passed with little incident because I was still hungover from the pub crawl in the previous post. On Monday, I cooked the Meal From Hell using interesting ingredients from Phil's cupboards. It tasted great but I burned both arms trying to light an already-hot gas oven and I think I gave myself food poisoning. I was off work Tuesday and Wednesday.

Work's been odd. Due to an "administrative error" at Head Office we lost our net connection and everybody had to work from home while it was restored! I brought an old coffee table with me to Phil's. It was standing abandoned in the street next to my car the day I moved out from my father's house, giving me "puppy dog eyes". So I work on this table in the lounge and run upstairs a lot to use the modem. It's not the best set-up ever but it's offset by the joy of having my own space again.


Blogger Candace said...

I had to giggle at the poster, but OUCH! Your poor arms! AND food poisoning. Yeesh!

I'm glad you rescued the stray table. Make sure to have it spayed or neutered so it doesn't produce even more unwanted furniture.

Blogger Brad said...

See, Candace and I differed here. I giggled that you burned yourself went yeesh to the poster and ouch to the self inflicted food poisoning.

Blogger Trundling Grunt said...

Sorry, but I laughed at all of the above...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this story about the sad table and no net connection simply your way of weaseling out of posting more often?!


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